Our team at Room to Rent has made a conscious decision to compile a list of potential guests who share many of the same characteristics. This way, you’ll be able to tell which guests are the most like your vacation rental and set prices accordingly.

Clientele You Expect At Your Vacation Rental Property

There isn’t a defined pattern of customers in the vacation rental industry. However, depending on a variety of factors like the guest’s age, length of stay, and so on. You’ll be able to tell who’s going to be staying in your home based on their profile. You’ll be able to set prices and provide different services based on customer demand with this. The following are some examples of the most common types of guests you’ll encounter:

Travelers On Business

There are many reasons why business travellers who stay in vacation rentals are a “ideal” customer. While away from home, they are considerate guests who don’t cause a disturbance and strictly adhere to the agreed-upon dates and prices.

Business travellers, on the other hand, have unique requirements based on their line of work. To begin, you should know that it has irregular entry and exit times, so be on the lookout for that. But your vacation rental must have a good WiFi connection so that they can do their work from their computer while they’re away from home. Therefore it is critical that they are provided with a comfortable working environment.


It may or may not be a peaceful area, depending on your age. They may not be a group known for throwing parties or causing trouble, but they can still make a lot of noise at night. Neighbors may sense the affection expressed by the couples staying at your vacation rental…

A Family With Young Children And A Dog

Childless couples can do you harm in various ways. Even if they don’t throw crazy parties in your apartment, your guests may have to pay a little extra to cover security costs if your children are particularly rowdy. It’s best if they check to see if they’ve damaged anything before they leave the apartment. Pets are welcome in vacation rentals that allow them, but you must ensure that they do “their things” in the appropriate places when they are there.

Gatherings Of Pals

Keep an eye on these visitors. There’s a good chance that a wild night in your vacation rental will put a dent in your wallet. It’s best to be ready for the noise of these clients’ meetings and perhaps post a deposit for these types of clients.

Your guests may come from this group if your apartment is well-insulated or has nearby recreational areas. Having more guests means they can stay for longer days without incurring higher accommodation costs, which saves you money because they pay half of the total cost.


These are primarily people in their twenties and thirties. After all, they are young. These people can be classified as part of any of the preceding categories due to their advanced age. In general, however, what guests of this type seek is affordable, convenient lodging near scenic and recreational attractions.

Generally, this is not a troublesome crowd, but you might want to check out some of the reviews they’ve left on accommodation websites just to be sure.

It’s critical to know who you’ll be hosting before you do anything else. You can always rely on Room to Rent if you don’t want to deal with the hassle of all the procedures and potential inconveniences. Our vacation rental management service includes all the amenities you and your guests will need. Because of this, you will have nothing to worry about while your clients will receive first-rate service. Take advantage of our vacation rental management service to make the most money possible.

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