What factors should you consider when making a hotel reservation? This is one of the most frequently asked questions, and it’s also one of the most difficult to answer. Everything you could possibly want is available as a lodging option.

Consequently, we’ve compiled for you the criteria we use to assist our clients in selecting a hotel.

The Apartment’s Location: The apartment’s location is critical to ensuring a pleasant stay. Many people believe that the price is the most important consideration, but we disagree. In cities, we believe that the price should be chosen with consideration for the surrounding area. When assessing a location, follow our advice.

There are areas to avoid because, like any large city, there are some where the atmosphere is heavy and tourists are uncomfortable paying prices that are disproportionately high. cities. A waste of time is when you do something unpleasant or stressful just to get it over with. On our website, you’ll find a list of places where you shouldn’t go.

Having easy access to public transportation, such as a metro line, is extremely beneficial. The maximum amount of time we recommend walking is between six and ten minutes. You save time, and the major landmarks are easily accessible.

The city’s surroundings: staying in the suburbs is an option, but only if they are well-connected to the city’s transportation system and in a desirable location (it is reality).

Type Of Accommodation Vs Price: While lodging isn’t free, it is a necessary evil. We’ll tell you about the different types of accommodations we’ve found, as well as how much each one costs.

There Are Many Five-Star Hotels And Palaces To Choose From. There is no comparison between a palace and a five-star hotel because a palace must have all of the above, as well as be hand-picked by a prestigious selection committee. Having this seal of approval is a rarity; there are only nine of them in the world. Prices start at € 700 per night per person and go up to € 13,000 per night. This gives us a sense of what prices might be like in the French capital.

Hostels In The Mid-Price Range: 3- and 4-star hotels provide a little more comfort than 2-star hotels, but they are more expensive. Check out previous guests’ reviews on sites like Booking.com and compare prices with sites like Trivago to get a sense of what’s on offer. Identify the hotels on these websites that interest you and then go directly to the hotel website to see if they have lower rates.

Affordable Hotels: The so-called low-cost accommodations range from one to two stars and provide only the most basic amenities. Many of these accommodations can be found near public transportation hubs. We recommend using online search comparators like Trivago.com to narrow down your options. These sites will show you virtually every hotel option available, along with prices and, most importantly, guest ratings and reviews. Spend some time reading and comparing your options so that you can make an informed decision. This way, there will be no unpleasant surprises. The cost of a hotel room ranges from about € 45 to € 65 per night.

School Hostels Or School Hostels: The cheapest options on the market are called School Hostels or School Hostels. In the €18-€30 range, they cater to budget-conscious travellers who don’t mind sharing a room and a bathroom with other guests. You must realise that the quality of a hostel is determined by the people who stay there, so do your research. Often, the cheapest option is not the best; instead, spend a few extra euros to get a room that is more tranquil. A private bathroom is available in some hostel rooms. To get an idea of the hostels, we recommend taking a look at Hostelworld.com. The key is to plan ahead of time.

How Do You Combine All Of These Criteria To Pick An Accommodation

There isn’t a secret formula, but we do recommend planning ahead of time and setting aside some time for it. The following is what we recommend to people who contact us:

Check out Booking.com and Trivago.com for lodging options. Also, keep in mind that we aren’t claiming that these are the only or best options; rather, we’re saying that they provide a good overview of the available options, prices, and locations. Enter these websites, enter the dates, the number of people, and the nightly price range therein.

Compare the locations using Google Maps and the previously suggested criteria and no-go areas.

Consider how close you are to public transportation, such as the subway.

Read the reviews to get a better idea of what to expect from the hotel’s location.

To get the best deal, go directly to the hotel’s website if it has one. This will save you time and money.

Ensure that you make the reservation well in advance and that you are aware of the cancellation policies.

What To Expect: Lodging in big cities like New York and London is expensive, and it gets even more expensive if you’re paying in a different currency. For this reason, you should take your time to find a good balance between price and location rather than opting for the cheapest option every time.

What Not To Do: Staying near airports is a waste of money if you’re here for tourism. Airports are located a long distance from the city centre, so any savings you made on lodging will be outweighed by the costs of transportation.

Avoid scams by staying at alternative hotels or lodgings that have no reviews from previous guests. There are a plethora of these to be found on the internet. Keep an eye out for things that might go wrong.

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