A guesthouse is a type of lodging that is also known as simple lodging or B&B. (Bed and breakfast). Unlike hotels and traditional inns, a characteristic of such a Guesthouse is really to keep the taking that action to a minimum, as it did contain dormitories (shared rooms), shared toilets as well as bathrooms, and no amenities, while keeping the accommodation cost low.

Foreign tourists, primarily backpackers, frequently use Guesthouses, and that it’s common for tourists to congregate in the common kitchen and living room while communicating with each other. With the appeal of engaging with customers from all over the universe, more users prefer to stay at such a Guesthouse or a hotel as well as traditional lodging.

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There are various types of accommodations available, including private rooms, dorms (shared rooms), capsules, and others. There is a kitchen, shower rooms (bathrooms), as well as toilets for shared use.
Depending on the house, the guesthouse accommodation area is prepared in a variety of styles. Private rooms, such as those found through hotels as well as traditional inns, dormitories (able to share rooms) of multiple people in one location, and capsule hotel style to multiple beds in a large area are examples. Lockers with locks are also offered for dormitories as well as capsule type rooms to store valuables or luggage.

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There is a living room, a kitchen where people would feel free to be using the cooking utensils, shower rooms (bathrooms), toilets, as well as washbasins for the shared facilities.